php5 font changed in firefox font unexpectedly

(I did do a search using keywords “firefox font” in this forum … no relevant hits)

The last change to my application was mid-last year. Last week the font changed when displayed in firefox (explorer, opera, chrome still ok).

Specifying font size to 16px for the site has no impact. I have run both the php and the css through the w3c validator. Both test as valid.

Any thoughts?

Can you please post a link to the site?

If nothing has happened to the content since last year and the browser is the same most likely you have altered the browser preferences, for example zoomed the page or altered the advanced Fonts settings.

Considering the sensitivity of the data on this site, I hesitate even though it is password protected.

But see attachment of the same site in Firefox (where I have a problem) and Windows 8 below it

I have to agree with Robert on this one. It sounds like a local browser issue rather than a web site/server issue. The screen shots appear to show the same font with different sizes.

Is the text-only zoomed (magnified) in Firefox? If so, View > Zoom > Reset should restore your browser defaults.

In Firefox, you can set your browser’s default font and font-size here: Tools > Options > Content

That did it. Thanks

No problem. :slight_smile: