Dear all.

i have a problem in searh form. there are two dropdown list to search car’s. one for maker(parent category) and second for model(subcatgory), i want whn click on maker then count all model of maker and whn click on model then count and show all product’s of model. there are product tble in data base.

plz help me.

Welcome to the SP forums.

What exactly is the problem you’re having?

when i click on maker drop down the model are shown like this

Suzuki is the maker, the model of Suzuki is (corrola, parado etc).

Now i want when click on model then count the product’s.
Thank U.

It is clear (more or less) what you want. But you still haven’t told us what the problem is you’re having.
Did you write the code, but something isn’t working? Then please post the code and explain what isn’t working.
Don’t you know how to write the query? Post what you’ve tried so far and we’ll be able to tell you what’s wrong.
Don’t you know how to write it at all? Then you should start by reading some beginner PHP books (Sitepoint has some good ones) or tutorials online (you can google for them). Or hire a programmer.

Or you might want to try the Search option to find where the variations of this [URL=“”]question has been [URL=“”]asked [URL=“”]before

seriously, is this assignment being given out by a school somewhere? is it coming from a book?