Php Zend Framework Basics

I want to learn php zend framework from the beginning. So can anyone please help me.
thank you.

Hi Harriet, welcome to the forums!

I’d recommend having a go at the Getting Started tutorial from the ZF user guide. If you get stuck or have any questions, feel free to start a new thread and we can try to help.

thank you fretburner

i am very new to zend framework that’s why i need how to work with zend framework and its samples…
can you please provide the basic thing how to integrate zend framework with php web sites and how to work with that.
thank you.

That’s why I recommended that you work through the tutorial I linked to. It’ll walk you through setting up a basic app using ZF in much more detail than I have space to do here on the forum. The forum is better if you have specific questions that we can try to help you with, rather than general ‘show me how to…’ type questions.

thank you sir, i am going through the link which you have given…
it guides me from the beginning and helps me a lot,
surely i reach you when ever i got any doubts …