PHP Workflow Engine


I am looking for a reliable and advanced PHP workflow engine that I can integrate into my PHP application. I have made a research online and came across eZ Components Workflow, Galaxia Workflow, Camunda BPM.

I am more keen to eZ Workflow, even though Camunda is nice, but requires a Tomcat server to run its BPM server.
Any other suggestions?


I’d say eZ Components Workflow is your best bet, which is actually now Zeta Components or that is where you need to go to get the code. Galaxia looks old and no longer supported and Camunda is, as you say, written in Java. Not really helpful, when you are trying to write your application in PHP.

There is also this workflow library, but also looks slightly “forgotten”.


Thanks for the reply.
Indeed, I was going to get the code from Zeta Components in fact.

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