PHP with IIS Configuration problems

For the attention of Mark Brown
Hi Mark
Further to our discussions in thread 700999 way back in November last re the problems I have had with my PHP using IIS PHP Manager.
When the Manager was first installed into my IIS and run it has installed my PHP files located in C:\PHP into a new directory in C:\Program Files (x86)\PHP\, I had previously set the path to the file php-cgi.exe in my original configuration to C:\PHP and noted while checking on the IIS Manager settings that the cofiguration settings for the Local ‘USER-PC’ was different from that of the website that I was trying to open (the original settings) I have since changed these so that the configuration settings for the website are the same as for the top level in the connection tree.
I have repeated this process down the various directory levels in the website and find that while I can fix the connection path for the root directory and the first of the two subdirectories, the second subdirectory cannot be configured and the manager writes another file ‘XML’ Configuration file which fails while running.
I have tried deleting this file from my website and updating the path in IIS Manager to show the correct path to the PHP executable file but this is disallowed and the Manager rewrites the file ‘XML’ (web.config) back into my website, there also appears to be a problem resolving the version of PHP being used the Manager shows the version in the directories where it is successful as php-5.2.10 where as in the error dialog box identifies it as php-5.2.14 which is correct acording to the zip file name.
I have screen dumps which might have clarified this message if I could have clipped it to this thread entry.
Whether there is a problem with the version of PHP downloaded and whether this is enough to cause failure to configure the setup properly I don’t know but I would value any comment you can offer?
Best regards and happy New Year.

For the attention of Mark Brown
Hi Mark
I have followed through with my observation on version conflicts in my PHP5.2.14 conflicts by reinstalling version 5.3.5 and using IIS manager to sort out the configuration, I now have a version of PHP working!
However I have jumped from the frying pan into the fire, the exercise that I am following in OOP development uses a function ‘require_once’ which
throws an error ‘Warning: require_once() [function require_once]: It is not safe to rely on systems timezone setting.’ some code before or after another function ‘date_default_timezone()’ is now needed to resolve this warning. (a bug fix?)
I have searched the PHP manual with out success and on Googling it I find dozens of pages of websites and blogs which have failed presumably because their Host servers have been updated to PHP5.3.x
I now need to find a PHP expert in patches and bug fixes or a version 5.2.X which handles objects and classes without the problems of V5.2.14 (which incidently is nolonger available in the download page on the PHP site).
Thank you for your interest in my PHP problems and advice re: IIS manager.
Best regards,
Edward Stephen