PHP with Excel Sheet

Hi there,

im doing a php page which is retrieve data from XLS sheet with 150 records, its working well and no problem in retiring data from xls sheet . there is a search button to search a specific word in xls sheet. when i type a word and click search , its giving the result from the first page only with in first 20 records coz its limit to 20 records per page.

so its searching from first page only. how to search all pages.

find the attachment to view the source code,

please some one help me. thnxx

if((($page-1)*$rows)<=$i && $i<=($page*$rows))


if((stristr($data2,$searchparameter) || stristr($data3,$searchparameter)|| stristr($data4,$searchparameter))|| $searchparameter=="") 

echo "table";

It looks like you’re trying to do your search line by line, but your script only reads the lines corresponding to the page in order to output them. You’ll have to do the two operations separately.

this is the problem here. a web designer did that b4 n he used “” this excel library to retrieve data from excel sheet, now he hand over to me to continue it… so i really confused to do this part. so im requesting you to explain how to do the 2 operations separation. or i just want to search xls sheet n retrieve the data from xls sheet. how?