PHP Website Speed

Hi Friends,

I am using PHP website but it’s speed is slow. The average loading time is 6.656 Seconds according to alexa. I want to know what should be the average loading time and how can I improve the website speed.

I want to know what should be the average loading time

How long is a piece of string? It will all be dependent on your content - large images, video’s, multiple calls to other websites, loads of JavaScript etc.

There are some online speed checkers including this Google one and the yslow addon for firefox. I suggest you try one of these first and it should pinpoint your problem and you can then come back with more information.

PHP is usually fast enough as a dynamic language for your need, its better than Python and Ruby in terms of performance. But if your site is too slow, you need to try static languages like Java and C#, these are much faster.

I agree with Rubble … PHP (or any back-end scripting for that matter) is unlikely to be the source of slowness.

Good suggestion. Thanks to all for reply.

A few years ago that would have been an acceptable load time. Check a load speed tester such as the one I link to below to find out what is taking time. Is it the “wait time” for the index page HTML to be generated (which could indicate an overloaded server or poorly written scripts)? Is it a large number of file requests? Run a test and find out:

If the load time varies by time of day, such as being significantly faster in the middle of the night when internet traffic low than during the day when internet traffic is high, it may be a load issue. And if you are hosting with an “unlimited” web host, some are notorious for server overloading.