Php unsharp mask use

hello, ive got html site made in webplus x5, and want to add php unsharp mask script,my server is accept php,ive got php files loaded in folder on server, but i have no idea what to do with script ,where to paste it,i tried to paste it just anywhere in html but its not working.please new to php so need your help.thank you.mrs lex.

on site of script it said to paste it into your image editing script. but where is it?))) if i got html site…

If it is the script by Vikjavev you need to put it at the top of the php page. It is a function so can be called from anywhere on the page.


UnsharpMask( 'image.jpg, '400', '40', '200)

image.jpg is the image to modify and could be a variable containing the image name and the numbers are the amount of sharpening you want.

thank you…yes it is from there…but i dont have a php page…shell i extend html page into php page?

do you mean i need to write the name of jpeg image for every image i want script to work on?doesnt it work on all images on site at ones?

No it will not work on all the images on your site.

If you want to modify a whole directory I would:
1/ Create a new php page
2/ Read all the files into an array with glob() from the folder containing your images
3/ loop through each image at a time modify it then save it.

thank you very much for your answer…