PHP(Ubuntu Server) VSC(Win 10) configure: PHP executable not found msg

Hello everybody,

Need server configuring help.
I have a local Ubuntu server setup to test web applications. I use Visual Studio coder to write my scripts which is on my windows 10 pro computer.

message received when i open Visual Studio Coder (Windows 10):
PHP executable not found. install PHP 7 and add it to your PATH or set the PHP.executablePath setting.

I been ignoring the message for awhile but I wouldn’t mine find a solution to the message that keeps popping up.

  • Windows 10 pro - IP: - Visual Studio Coder installed on this computer
  • Ubuntu server, version 18.04.21 - IP:
  • PHP is installed and working as I’m able to run PHP scripts.
  • Scripts I read/write/open/close are right from the server & nothing saved on my Win 10 pc.
  • I’m not an expert on Ubuntu servers
  • phpinfo() - /etc/php/7.2/apache2/php.ini (I believe this is the file VSC is looking for but not 100% sure how to configure this in VSC relating to server permissions and path)
  • I have full administrative access to Ubuntu server.

searched internet and most if not all are fixes for locally installed LAMP servers and xamb.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated

Sounds like you need to tell VS Code where to find your PHP executable.

Does this help?

Hi James,
No, not really… the configuration you sent is for a local install, where both the PHP and the VS code are installed on the “same” computer. my test domains and the vs code are both on different devices…

thank you for the reply… greatly appreciated…

Oh ok. Then I’m a bit lost, I’m afraid. Taking a couple of steps back…

You obviously have an Ubuntu server. Is that in a virtual machine on your PC, or is it somewhere on the internet?

Hi James,
All is good…
I have two different machines and no virtual machine setup. all thou i have considered the virtual machine but I decided to take a much harder route…lol

Ok. So, for the sake of simplicity call your two machines “local” (the machine you develop on) and “remote” (your Ubuntu server).

Where do you have PHP installed?

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