PHP simple CMS - Product Catalogue

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a PHP script that is a simple CMS this is just an online product catalogue were products can be added/edited/deleted. Five or so categories and pictures for each product. Just needs a homepage, then five categories with each of the categories products listed on a single page. Fields are just product name, description, price and a picture. Needs a backend for admin.

Does anyone know of a FREE application that might be able to do this?

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I don’t need a shopping cart or anything, and the person I’m doing the site for is going to admin it. So it has to be VERY simple, just a online product brochure/catalogue.


The ‘FREE’ option would be to write it yourself. It shouldn’t be much work to knock up a simple database to hold to products, a simple admin page to add a product, another page to edit / delete a product, another page to edit the categories and the pages to display the results.

You could always post in the ‘Hire Programmer’ forum to find someone who will do this for you, or, if you PM me, we could discuss the requirements further.

A possible answer from a previous post - low cost, but not free…

Thanks ApSpecialists,

I found something else that works fine. Its a very simple cart app I just manually removed the purchasing and cart features, so its just a great catelogue script. Works perfectly.

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And it is what exactly…? Someone else might be looking for it! :slight_smile:

You can’t tell us what is that CMS that you have found and modified it ?