PHP shopping cart

Is it better to build a shopping cart for a printing company in Wordpress or php? I’ve been trying to rebuild my shopping cart using the woocommerce theme but I’m afraid I might running into speed issues after entering a lot of data.

What do you guys think?

First off, your question is flawed. Wordpress is built on PHP, so your question reads “Is it better to build a shopping cart for a printing company in php or php?”

So obviously, PHP is fine. The real answer is “It depends on what you need it to do”.

Do you need it to update a local inventory system?
Do you need it to be tied to a retail (physical) location?
What do you need from it?

Wordpress is known to be notoriously slow (if you don’t know what you are doing). If you opt to go that route, I’d hire someone who has experience behind this and let them build it for you (hint: not me, I don’t know Wordpress well enough).

Thanks for the reply.

I should have been a little clearer. I know they are both php but I was referring to the platform on which the shopping cart is built.

My current shopping cart is built using PHP on cake platform and it is working well just that it does not have a good structure for SEO. Plus it’s outdated. I’m going to definitely get some help with the wordpress and try to speed it up.

Thanks again.

Don’t forget that that are many off the shelf shopping cart systems that may offer all the features you need and work a lot more efficiently than Wordpress…

All I can say, is I’ve never used any of the Wordpress Cart systems and I probably wouldn’t buy from one. It just feels “too many hands in the cookie jar” to me and would make me concerned on whether other plugins have access to the data stored from my purchase.

With that said, I’d go with a shopping cart outside of Wordpress and maybe a hosted one on top of that (that way, you don’t have to perform the software updates or ensure it is up and running daily).

cpradio that’s my preference also, but it’s difficult to find a shopping cart that can handle all the attribute and variables you have in the printing business. You looking at paper, sizes, colors, front, front and back, matte, glossy, sizes, quantities, … etc. You also want to have the option to upload your artwork with the order and this is missing on most carts.

can you recommend any off the shelf system?

Checkout They seem to be exactly what you’d need.

Sure hope you know what you’re doing. PCI Compliance is really coming down on self hosted merchants. I only use a 3rd party hosted cart now to keep the PCI Compliance issues on their end, not mine.