Php sessions destroyed instantly

it seems that sessions work when i set them for an instant, and then they are destroyed
here is my phpinfo page, can anyone see the problem?
i dont have access to the phpini file
can u check my cookie settings and tell me if i can use those instead?
here is the top part of the code which is the relevent part

<!DOCTYPE html>
<script src="/javascript/header.js"></script>

ini_set('session.gc_maxlifetime', 6 * 60 * 60);
$session_expiration = time() + 3600 * 24 * 2;
	echo $_SESSION['name'];
	echo $_POST['name'];
	echo $_SESSION['password'];
	echo $_POST['password'];

// redifine variables for different server
require_once "mysqlconfig.php";
require_once "textprep.php";

// connect to database
global $connection;
$connection = mysql_connect(DB_SERVER,DB_USER,DB_PASS);
if (!$connection)
	die("Database connection failed: " . mysql_error());

// select database
$db_select = mysql_select_db(DB_NAME,$connection);
if (!$db_select)
	die("Database selection failed: " . mysql_error());

//check if logged in
$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM admin");
if (!$result)
	die("Database query failed: " . mysql_error());

// get table names as mysql feedback
while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
	//echo "\\$name[$i]=".$row['name'];
	//echo "\\$password[$i]=".$row['password'];
	//echo "\\$rank[$i]=".$row['rank'];

//check if logged in
	//echo "<p>(".$name[$j]."==".$_SESSION['name'].")and(".$password[$j]."==".$_SESSION['password'].")</p>";
		echo logged." ".$log;

Try moving the JavaScript below session_start()

the javascript is only an html paste of a header. there is no php or session variables in the javascript

im 99.99% sure the problem is with php.ini or my host, i just need ur help to know what to ask him to change. please check my php.ini

session_start(); should be on the very first line.
Error reporting would tell you that session cannot be started, output already sent at line 1.