PHP Selector / CageFS - json extension issue

Hi Guys,

Need some help here.

Basically I installed CageFS and PHP selector last month. I enabled extesions as required including ticking json extension.

However when I moved websites into CageFS I had a few complaining about json missing errors.

I then moved everyone out. This morning I had an idea and moved everyone back in but noticed something that json extension is not included in this file:


Any ideas how to get it updated into all “current” and “future” user php extension ini files?


I’ve requested that your thread be moved to the PHP board.

The answer, I believe, is autoprepend(), a PHP directive which can be added via .htaccess.



I am not fully sure, but if you are using CLI php then that ini file may well need the json directive switching on too (then a server instance reboot).

CLI PHP uses a different ini file.