PHP Scripts executing auto


i am facing a strange issue.
i wrote a script that will send sms to 2500 people in our company.
when executed the script, it reads all employee numbers from the emp_master table and send sms one by one.

now what the strange part is, this script runs itself after 1 or 2 weeks or even after one month again without my knowledge and send message to all those 2500 People.
i wonder how this happening? i am sure no body else have accessed the files.

i am in big problem :cool:

there may be some cron job set for the script

if you have its root login details, you can check it in crontab like

crontab -l

Hai pbsonawane,

nop, cpanel crone shows no any crone jobs as such.

shell access is not enabled in our shared hosting to execute crontab-l

ok, it may be called from some other script or included in some file.

Hai pbsonawane,

i am sure it is not. any way, ill renaming it now to make sure it is not called from any place. but i am 100% sure its a stand alone script with no any connections with other files.