Php script installation


I am pretty new to the installation and stuff…

i have a script which is in php. can any one help me install it. its just 3 mb file.


PHP files don’t get “installed”, they are executed. What exactly is this PHP file you have, and what is it supposed to do?

like a script…

If you have a file that has a .php extension, just upload it to your host and then open it in your browser (example:

Could you explain more as to what this PHP script is? What is it intended to do?

thanks for your help… its done :))

i think i need some one help…it ask for cmod settings and stuff…

Can you give us the specific instructions?

can i give u the hosting access??

That would be a security implication, plus you wouldn’t get to learn anything from doing it that way. It is really easy to chmod a file or folder, if we know what file/folder you need to perform this to, we can easily walk you through it.