Php scrip issue

I have a web based POS installed on a remote server. One link is not working. It continues to load…
Please help. I am not a programmer

You’re going to have to provide more information if you want anyone to help you.

It sounds like you should contact the vendor.

Unable to contact vendor as he was a freelancer. If I give you the site address and tell which link is not working, will you be able to tell which php file has the issue?

That may help for a broken link…

But, PHP can only be seen on the server it is not available to the client (the end user when you link someone the site).

If you can identify the particular file, I could paste the code for you to check

The link was working fine till now

Point us to the page so we can ask for the correct code

Go to
Login ID:
Password: 12345678
Click on " point of sale" link on top right of the page
On new scree click on trouser. Now the bill on the left should be displayed. But it continues to load. …
Could you check and advise?

The POS link works fine for me. I had the continue to load thing on the first login page though.

Network analyzer says the pages themselves load too slow. There could be a number of reasons why this could be happening.

  • Too much traffic for the servers to handle (get bigger servers or get off shared hosting)
  • The pages are just improperly coded and need to be optimized (bigger servers may help, but will only help so much)
  • A Million other reasons, need to hire a developer.

Honestly if this is something mission critical to your business, you should probably have a developer that you can call at any time anyway. These sort of things are generally not “build and forget” like a static smallbusiness website is.

I think you’re right. I will hire a developer. Such issues may arise again. Thanks for your advice.