PHP Reproducing Links


I have question on my php script:

<center>Pages <?php $count = 1; while ($count <= 10) {echo "<a href=‘profile.php?type=$type&Name=$name&page=1’ rel=‘$name’ title=‘$name’>$count</a> "; ++$count;} ?></center>

This script reproduces the link dynamically but I have been unable to change the page number “page=1”!

I tried doing it like this but did not work:

<center>Pages <?php $count = 1; while ($count <= 10) {echo "<a href=‘profile.php?type=$type&Name=$name&page=<?php $count = 1; while ($count <= 10) {echo “$count”; ++$count;} ?>
’ rel=’$name’ title=‘$name’>$count</a> "; ++$count;} ?></center>

but it did not work… :headbang:

Now the question is what is the right way?

  $count = 1; 
  while ($count <= 10) {
    echo "<a href='profile.php?type=$type&Name=$name&page=[B][COLOR="Red"]$count[/COLOR][/B]' rel='$name' title='$name'>$count</a> ";

Thank you so much :slight_smile: