PHP question?

Okay, just one more question. thanks for your input on the others.

I have two files, one called password.php, the other called form.html. When I run password.php seperate on its own, it seems to run fine. However, when I get to it through the html form, and send the contents of the form to it, instead of compiling, all it does is show me the source code on my browser. Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong?

Again, if clarification is need, please say so!
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PHP wont run in .html files unless the server is set up that way. Most aren’t. Put all php code in .php files and it will work.

yea so unless you have the ability to reconfigure some settings on your server, i would recommend changing the file name to form.php Therefore, all of your php and html should run properly

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Hi carmelresortinn, is short_open_tag setting in your php.ini file set to off? This might be also a problem if you are using short tags.
are you using some kind of packages like wamp, xampp or easyphp or you have configured manually?