Hello and i’m sorry if i posted into the wrong section.
Im new here and i registered on sitepoint boards in hope i can fiind what i need here.
I would like to fiind out pleasly where i can fiind a php based product db script by having the following:

  1. a category / sub category / sub - sub category maker for sort my products into desired cats.
  2. an add product page with some 4 pictures max ( 1 to be thumbnailed for the product preview into list-product page ) with some text values such as dimension , status , description, etc.
  3. an list-page to shows me all products listed into it .
  4. and some other minor things.
    Sorry for my poor english , if someone knows a script who’s having at least half of the information provided please let me know or , if someone is williing to do that please pm me with the desired price or mail me to radu_radu@live.com
    Radu M. Christian