PHP Plug-in, looking for PHP books wit projects

I am learning PHP, I want to know this program in and out, every little aspect of coding.

I learn more from practical projects. Many books out today are loaded with explanation but very lean on actual projects.

I saw this book on Amazon

However, I am very skeptical. A lot of books are riddled with bad codes, editing and typos. I am not saying this book has errors. But a novice reading a book with bad errors is like driving backwards.

Do you know anything about this book?

I visited the book’s forum but it is like an emptied airport, no one to ask.

Please advise if you can.

Thanks everyone.


if you really need book like that
go with
mcgrawhill php programming solutions

google is your fren…
nice pratical book…still has some problem but nice
i am planning to review it soon…lol

Thanks for the input my friend. :slight_smile:
What really drives me away from books are the errors.
Imagine trying to learn something when it’s not right in the first place.

I will look up that book you mentioned.

Thanks again.