Php Photo Gallery search by date

I know this is a shot in the dark but

Has anyone heard of any php photo galleries that you can search by date or date range

I have to create a gallery that can show a weeks worth of photos at a time

I figured I would just modify an existing gallery, but everyone i have tried so far have nothing to do with the date

I was sort of hoping I could just modify the search function of the gallery to show a weeks worth of photos at time

any suggestions

If you can modify the script to insert the date into a database table, this should be easy.

How complicated do you want the gallery as you could write your own or modify the code as praveenkv1988 said.

If you are not using a database to record the date when the file was uploaded you could get the file upload time from PHP: filemtime - Manual or even rename the file to the time/date it was uploaded. You could then search by filename.

Using filemtime is not good as it will consume a lot of server resources.