Php OR operator help

Hello forums

How can I use the or operator, this one isn’t working obviously there is something wrong somewhere

$source = $_FILES['new_image']['tmp_name'];

$fileinfo = getimagesize($source);
	if ($fileinfo['mime'] != 'image/jpeg' ||
	    $fileinfo['mime'] != 'image/gif'  ||
		$fileinfo['mime'] != 'image/png'  ||
		$fileinfo['mime'] != 'image/bmp'  ||){
	echo "<script>alert('The File you are uploading is not a valid image file')</script>";

Any help is gladly appreciated . thanks …I’m kinda stuck eeekk

oops never mind there is an extra || on the last

I usually find utilising [fphp]in_array[/fphp] good for this.

if(false === in_array(array('image/jpeg', 'image/gif'))){

ok my code is wrong it should be && if I utilize array with && how do I do it? “!==” ?