Hi dear members,

I want to Develop a website for Online Dates store (ajwa) . I want to hit UK market . I am not sure which language to use for building this store php or asp? which one is best to Rank better in UK … I know Php is Open Source but no prob with Money I just wanted to rank better in uk .

waiting to listen from Experts.


search engines cannot tell what language is used to generate html

Search engines don’t have to know what scripting language(s) you use for your website. Sure, it’s obvious if all your pages end in .php, but you can easily implement SEO friendly URLS with a little mod_rewriting. Honestly, I would go with a hosted solution so you don’t have to touch the code at all.

You can use any of the two, it’s the final HTML output is what matters to SEO. Though speed of producing the HTML pages is also a factor for SEO, that depends on how effecient you use either of these codes. Therefore, SEO wise, you can use any from the two.