PHP OpenChat 3.0.2 - Doomsday Bug(?)

Hi PHP readers, :confused::confused::confused:

Has anyone out there used PHP OpenChat 3.0.2? (I apologize, the accursed forum won’t allow me to post complete web links)


Its a downloadable live chat software utility that runs on PHP of course.
I noticed that their “American” forum sourceforge[dact]net appears to be abandoned, but they are still active in Germany:

Anyway I had been using their software and incorporating it into my website for about a week when suddenly it bombed with this error:

Unknown error
Sorry, an error occurred.
at phpopenchat-3.0.2[slatsh]include[slatsh]adodb[slatsh]drivers[slatsh]adodb-mysql[dact]inc.php:21
[2048] Declaration of ADODB_mysql::MetaDatabases() should be compatible with that of ADOConnection::MetaDatabases()

Could not connect to database! Please check your database setup in config[dact]inc[dact]php by using the POC Installer!

I looked up this error in Google and found page after page, maybe 200 entries, all with websites which appear to be stuck abandoned at the same error (see below):


I tried writing the PHP OpenChat people in Germany, even wrote personally to some of the programmers (through “Contact Us”) and got no replies at all.
I even saw one of the writers was in the forum reading my post yesterday, and he just ignored me or never answered.
I used Babel Fish to translate, although I’ve heard that just about everyone living in Germany knows English.

Is this some kind of doomsday bug? As far as I know I did nothing at all, just logged in one morning and there it was. Other people have posted this bug saying the same thing happened to them, but I’ve never found an answer posted anywhere, just the question and then nothing else. No idea how I might go about fixing it- but, this really sucks!!!

:cry: :shrug:


I appear to have found out how to fix this bug:

First, use the downloaded copy of the adodb files from the link I’m not allowed to post here;

[unpostable link*******]

  1. take the .tgz file you just got and put it in the openchat/include directory

  2. unpack the file with:
    gunzip -c adodb510.tgz | tar -xvf -
    mv adodb adodb_old
    mv adodb5 adodb

  3. Edit
    //create a database object
    $this->db = &NewADOConnection( DATABASE_DRIVER );

Replace with:

//create a database object
$this->db = NewADOConnection( DATABASE_DRIVER );
  1. Save file, then clear cache and all cookies
  2. Re-enter PHP OpenChat. You may find all of your users are gone.
    However, I re-registered new users, and knock on wood- they are all working ;D

I hope this is of use to somebody! Good night.

very useful for me!!! Thank you!