PHP not getting Cookie Value

echo $affid;
echo $subid;

We have a brand new server and I’m having a problem getting the content of our cookies. I know the cookies exist and i know each cookie has a value in them as i have a firefox addon showing me all this. But when i run my script its not grabbing the data in each of the cookies, the reason i know this as when i echo the variables nothing is being outputted.

Any help would be great, i dont know if its a coding error or if theres a setting on my server stopping this.

Any help would be great.

Thank you.

Attached is proof the cookies exist.

Any help would be great.


Did it work on your old server or are you just now pushing cookies?

it worked on the old server but now it doesnt on the new server. Is there any settings stopping me getting the cookies data?

I’ve found out that it only doesnt work Firefox, it works in all the other browsers, why is it not working in Firefox?

Sorry just ignore this whole topic. Seems to be working now, strange.