PHP Normalizer: Fatal error: Class 'Normalizer' not found


I am trying to normalise a string, but it gives an error,

> Fatal error: Class ‘Normalizer’ not
> found in C:xx.php on line xx

As far as I understand I just need to do this if I want to use the Normalizer class,

$string = "Löic & René";
    $normalise = Normalizer::normalize($string);

I have turned on the php extension which is php_intl. is there anything else I should turn on to use this type of class? or have I done something incorrectly?

I even tried this code from [][1] but I have the same error,

$char_A_ring = "\\xC3\\x85"; // 'LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH RING ABOVE' (U+00C5)
    $char_combining_ring_above = "\\xCC\\x8A";  // 'COMBINING RING ABOVE' (U+030A)
    $char_1 = Normalizer::normalize( $char_A_ring, Normalizer::FORM_C );
    $char_2 = Normalizer::normalize( 'A' . $char_combining_ring_above, Normalizer::FORM_C );
    echo urlencode($char_1);
    echo ' '; 
    echo urlencode($char_2);

Any ideas?

I’m on Wamp server 2.2.11 by the way.


Since you were on manual for the Normalizer, have you paid attention to which php version Normalizer is available for and which one you have installed? :wink: