PHP MYsql Video Portal CMS

I am looking for a free or opensource CMS that would allow me to do the following:

  1. Create individual user/password protected accounts
  2. upload FLV videos to a private portal for each user, other users may not access these videos (i am using hwdvideoshare on joomla, but that has a different purpose then these private accounts)
  3. Have the script be able to run on shared hosting

I host using HostMonster, and plan to have 15 - 30 simultaneous users. Bandwidth and space are not any troubles for right now.

The script needs to be compatible with major browsers, and hopefully use a free FLV video player like Flowplayer or JWPlayer.

Right now I am using an edited version of EyeOS (vrs 1.9), but each user triggers cpu throttling. I would like to have a simpler script, like joomla (but I already use joomla for a main site, and it cannot satisfy these needs), and a script that does not hog CPU, as eyeos is meant to be a full - blown internet operating system. Any suggestions are appreciated!

I set up something similar with Drupal CCK, ffmpeg_wrapper, filefield, swftools, video and video upload. I set it up for a proof of concept for one of my clients and I didn’t need one of the modules. It was probably ffmpeg_wrapper and I do recall having to set up cron to do a video scheduler batch conversion once every so many minutes to convert whatever was uploaded into an FLV file.

Being that it’s Drupal the hard cost is null but there is the cost of time to make it happen.

The proof of concept took me about 8 hours to set up and it worked well for what it was. Bandwidth was not great on the shared hosting account I set it up on so it definitely needed a decent managed hosting account with a bunch of throughput to make it really fly. It also needed to be designed up for usability and good looks.