PHP & MySQL Novice to Ninja - what next?

I’m currently two-thirds through this book and am putting everything into practice with creating my own web apps as I go. I still have 4 chapters to go, but it’s become clear I certainly won’t be at “ninja” level when finished reading and internalizing everything in this book. I have of course been extending my knowledge beyond this book with the manual and have stack overflow to be a great resource, but I also want to continue my learning through another structured program or book.

My first question is, what are the major topics I should be looking to cover after finishing this book? OOP seems like a logical place to start?

Secondly, what book(s) would you recommend I pick up next? It doesn’t seem there is a logical follow-on book.

Thanks for any opinions and advice.


The PHP Anthology is aimed at Intermediate to Advanced levels. The[URL=“”] SitePoint book matrix shows what level books are aimed at, though it appears to be a little out of date (it’s missing the current version of Kevin Yank’s book - @HAWK; could someone from HQ update the matrix please?)

It appears that book hasn’t been updated since 2007. Surely there have been advances in the last 5 years?

I would say read some more books, practice, build more complex web apps etc

Once you get to a certain point, you’re not learning PHP anymore, you’re learning the power of object-oriented patterns.

As such, don’t limit yourself to PHP books. Check out articles online related to object-oriented design patterns like:

The syntax of other languages is different but the ideas remain the same. Keep on coming up with ideas, building frameworks and trying out different approaches. Make all the mistakes you possibly can. Learn from them.

No worries, I’ll get that sorted.