PHP/MySQL News Systems


Anyone have any recent reccomendations for a news system for a simple website. I’m looking for something that can store articles in a MySQL db and has a variety of ways to display the headlines and articles on a website.

I would like the ability to be able to add users and define that they can write articles and news content but have to be approved by an admin.

the news should be able to be added eith ease by very computer illiterate users but after being taught how to do it.

HTML5 would be beneficial too if possible.




I’m not looking for a whole new website system. Just a small system to allow me to manage a couple opf news artciles which can be dynamically displayed on my current site.

Something like CuteNews which I used a long time ago but up to date and uses MySQL.

See this thread, suggestions by ralph.m

I’ve have just had a look at a couple of them. I like the idea and might use one but I can’t see how they can do what I am after.

All I want is a simple NEWS script. A way to add articles with article content, headline, who it was written by and when it was published.

This information can then be displayed in a variety of ways on pages of my site, ie on the homepage in a list of headlines and on a news page as full articles.

That is all I am looking for. Nothing super fancy. Look at CuteNews, I just want a more up to date version.