PHP my admin

Hi there,

I’ve did a manual installation of MySql, PHP and PHPMyAdmin in a Mac Lion.

When I go to localhost/phpmyadmin I get a window that says: Welcome to PHPMyadmin. Log in: Username and password. I’ve never set this during the installation. So where do I do this? Someone told me I could put root and no password, but this doesn’t let me go in. Anyway, I really want to set a password.

Thanks a lot.

You did a manual installation of mysql. Did you go through the process of adding a new user?

No, I have this panel. How do I do it? is probably going to be the most beneficial thing i can point you at… basically, you need to secure the root user, the anonymous (blank) user, and probably create a new superuser for safety. PHPMyAdmin comes with a (configurable) setting which prevents you from using a blank login.

well, that doesn’t address Macs, only Windows and Unix…

The underpinnings of the MacOS IS Unix.

The following link describes two ways to setup your PHPMyAdmin username and password.