PHP Mail sending error

I am sending a simple email from a dedicated server.

mail(“”, “test subject”, “test message”, “From:”.“\r\n”.“Reply-To:”);

When I look at the mail log on the receiving server, I see that the message is from - and this email address, which does not exist, is rejected.

2016-05-02 11:31:04 H=( []:50452 X=TLSv1.2:ECDHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384:256 CV=no rejected RCPT Sender verify failed

And, yes, it should be sent as an authenticated mail, and that is on the list of things to do, but there are many instances of this on the site, and we need to get it back running as soon as.

This worked until last week, so I feel sure that there has been a change on the sending server. But what?

Suggestions, please

Does resolve to an IP address?

Are the MX records for resolving to the correct server?

Does this correct server accept mail for

AND … does the mail server require a login to send e-mail?



Sorry, I really thought that I had replied here - very rude of me, sorry.

The sending server did not have the records set up correctly.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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