PHP Mail function? Email going out not sent from actual server?

Hi Guys,

Wondering if I could pick your brains.

I send out a html email to users who sign up on my website via the php mail() function.

Now I send this email out coming from my own email address:

However, as i’m using the php mail() function the email I sent out is sent from my webserver, and not my actual email mailserver where this email account resides.

Now i’ve had someone call up complaining talking about ‘A’ records and things like this, and the mail not being sent from the server that the the email address comes from (even though I own that email address).

There’s no problems doing it this way, ie nothing from a legal aspect or anything to worry about is there?



People’s spam filters might throw fits, but there’s nothing legal-wise i can think of - you own the site, you own the email address, so it’s not someone pretending to be you who isn’t.

That said, i’m not a lawyer.