Hi guys, Question for you all.

Im looking to be able to make a PHP drop down list menu. Just in a script file, not needing to connect to DB or SQL just something that will run on a Localhost network.

I want to be able to have a drown list on an IF statement, so if first drop down is X display second drop down then third and so on until all details are available then ECHO details below.

{IF X = “Car” echo second Y = “Make” echo third Z = “Model” Print “Car details and spec”}

help would be great in this.

many thanks

JavaScript is probably better suited to this task.
Do you mean something like this:
Be sure to look at the demo about half-way down the page.

Hi there, Thanks for your reply.

Yes something like that, but then would print the data required.

Would not this have to be used online or can it be done via localhost?

I cant seem to get this to work. Any ideas just keeps showing all the functions at the same time???

Search for “chained select”. There are many examples.

In fact, if you search through this forum, you’ll find numerous other people who have miraculously needed to do this exact same homework problem thing! In fact, i’d wager that the URL Pullo provided you is in fact a direct response to this homework problem shockingly common need.

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