PHP line working in FireFox but not in IE..Why?

I have a php script that is breaking at the line below in Internet Explorer but everything works fine in FireFox and I’m not sure why…

$uploader->upload($new_file, $upload_dir); 

Any ideas or anything I can try to get this to work in IE? When this page gets executed it simply stops at the line mentioned above and returns a white page. Here’s a larger view of the code:

$new_file = "";

    $file_temp = "";

    $upload_dir = "/ClientUploads/".$path."/".$date."/";

    $newImagePaths = array();


    foreach ($imageSet as $iS) {

        $curTime = time();



        $newImagePaths[] = RELATIVE_DIRECTORY.$curTime."-".$iS['name'];

        $fullImagePaths[] = $new_file;

        rename($file_temp, $new_file);

        // Upload

        //        $uploader = new DropboxUploader($_POST['email'], $_POST['password']);

        $uploader = new DropboxUploader(DROPBOX_EMAIL, DROPBOX_PASSWORD);


        //        $uploader->upload($tmpFile, $_POST['dest']);

        $uploader->upload($new_file, $upload_dir);

        //        unlink($new_file);



Users are uploading files and this line is telling it where to save the file to. (Files are being saved in Dropbox using the dropbox api)

Any ideas why it won’t work in Internet Explorer?


What does the submission form look like? I suspect that may be a better starting point to look for browser compatibility issues, rather than in your PHP code.

It can be seen at: virtualstagingsolutions-dot-com/upload/

But I’m not sure that will help. I’ve already debugged the PHP code I mentioned and I’ve determined that the script stops running in IE on the line I mentioned above. The form itself works and displays fine but once someone uploads a file and it processes the file and gets to this part:

$uploader->upload($new_file, $upload_dir); 

it stops working in IE. If I delete that line, everything works fine except it obviously doesn’t perform the function that that line was there for (to determine where to place the uploaded file)