PHP -- is there downloadable docs?


I have a webapp written entirely in JSP scriptlets, that I need to convert to PHP… I have limited internet access… is there PHP 5.x documentation available for download?
(I don’t need to download PHP itself, as my mac came with it and I can run PHP on my mac np… but I can’t find any docs…)

thank you very much…

You could download the whole php website with htttrack but I do not know how long it would take.
The website can then be viewed on your computer.



thank you for your response…
it looks like it doesn’t exist for the mac…


PS: or can I dl the unix version for the mac? (as I obviously have unix on my mac 10.6.8…)

Sorry I had assumed it would be available for the mac - just searching Google and found SiteSucker for OS X. Will that work on your computer?
Just noticed you have to pay for that one but I would search for “mac website copier” and see what you can find.


I have a downloaded copy of the docs and I refer to it a lot.

It’s very handy and usually is enough.

The only thing better about the online docs is they often have “contributed comments” that provide more information and example code.

this is great, Mawburn, thank you!!

I downloaded the two HTML versions, but see no search feature… am downloading php_manual_en.chm now (supposedly has a “help” feature)

Rubble, thank you for pointing out SiteSucker, it looks like a great little app, but unfortunately it only works for mac 10.8 or later… I have 10.6…

thank you all very much for your helpful responses…

Well is there a reason why you have to download the documentation? Cannot access internet for most of the time?

yes, as I explained in my OP, I have very limited access to the internet at home…

by the way, I did notice that they have older versions of SiteSucker for older versions of mac OS… so I downloaded it…
haven’t had the time time to install yet… seems like a neat piece of sw…

(couldn’t open .chm file (the “help” version here,, have to install something called Rosetta… it says I have insert the OS CD for that… it won’t re-install entire OS if I do that, right?

thanks again…

Download the tar.gz version

How to open:
(there might be another way to open it on Mac, I don’t use one)

I did download that one… it’s not the “help” version, it’s just HTML files…

these two

php_manual_en.html.gz (single HTML file)


php_manual_en.tar.gz (many HTML files)

here’s screenshot of what those look like:

they don’t look at all like docs on the website…

thank you…

I’m sorry, I’m not sure what you mean then. Your attachment isn’t loading, but here is what I see:

It’s not as pretty as the live version on the right, but it’s the same thing minus the comments.

oh my gosh… this looks great!!

which download is that? HTML’s? or .chm?
(can’t tell if it’s a browser window or not…)

thank you…

That’s the multiple HTML docs version.


A lot of times, those comments can be invaluable and include much needed clarification on things missing from the official text.

oh my gosh… once again… here’s my attempt at attaching screenshot of what it looks like for me
(basically like a plain HTML page w/o even CSS…)

thanks again…

PS: url is …/php-chunked-xhtml/index.html

Yes, all the prettyness of it from the CSS, images, and JS, are all removed… but the information is still there. That’s what I tried to demonstrate in my screenshot. If you want better looking, you need to get it online. Generally, Download Docs from anywhere are small, lightweight, and fast so they can be ran on the absolute widest range of devices possible.

ok… I thought screenshot posted was from locally on your computer…:wink:

thanks again…

Jeff’s option in post #6 looks the best to me. Surprised you haven’t tried that. :-/