PHP Instalation Problem

Build Your Own Database Driven Website
Chapter 1
Page 2 (On Line Pages)
Install PHP & Edit PHP.ini File

Using Apache 2.2.17 & PHP 5.2.17 on XP Pro. Apache seems fine and is showing the correct messages.

I have opened the php.ini file and edited as instructions on page 2.

Problem is when I make the file today.php and open it in my browser (WE) all I get is the PHP Code appearing.

I have tried the installation 3 times but still the same result and have restarted Apache several times.

There is one stage of the editing php.ini that I am not confident is right, it asks to edit the line beginning session.save_path, but there are 3 of these.

I have tried 1, 2 and all but still the same problem.

I feel I have failed at the first hurdle, any help appreciated.



Problem is that you didn’t instruct Apache to relay *.php requests to php engine.
It’s not hard, there’s quite good explanation at the following link:

Scroll down to “How to Configure Apache for PHP 5”.

Thanks for info, no joy first go but will try again following these instructions.

Thanks again,