Php include in a .js file

Is this possible. I want to include:

<?php include $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’] . “/generate.php”; ?>


       html = '<div id="feedback">' +
                '<div id="feedback-body">' +
                '<p>We\\'d love to get your feedback:</p>' +
                '<ul>' +
                '<li id="bug"><a class="iframe" href="">Report a bug</a></li>' +
                '<li id="suggestion"><a class="iframe" href="">Send an idea</a></li>' +
                '<li id="comment"><a class="iframe" href="">Give us a comment</a></li>' +
                '</ul>' +
                '</div>' +

Which is located in a .js file

You can also use modrewrite to allow .js to be executed by php

PHP will not parse a .js file; You can include a PHP file that contains javascript code though, of course…
wrap your javascript in <script> tags, save it as a .php, and include that file.