PHP in visual basic

hey can PHP language be used in visual basic?

Can swedish be used in english?
Can afrikaans be used in norwegian?

What are you asking anyway?

i jsut want to know can PHP language be used in visual basic like active x

quite simply - No.
Not directly anyway. You can write VB parts and php parts just the same as you can write javascript parts that interact with php.

It depends what you are trying to do.

Quite simply - yes you can (well sort of), via the “ScriptControl” and Windows Script host. This basically allows you to execute scripts from within your VB app, be they JScript, VBScript, PHP, Python or whatever has been registered with WSH.

For a hint, check this out.

Basically you’d need a recent PHP 5 version plus the “Collection of PECL modules for PHP 5.0.5” ZIP that comes as an extra download - you need the “php5activescript.dll” in this. You’ll need to run “regsvr32 php5activescript.dll” from the command line, once you got PHP installed correctly (php.ini config etc.), which will register PHP with WSH.

This presentation will give you some hints: - scroll to the page starting IActiveScript - the next few pages from there.

Otherwise this (first useful link from Google) tutorial seems to show executing VBScript from VB - swap the VBScript for PHP and you’re there :wink: (and you’re on your own BTW)