PHP How to make dynamic pdo queries?

Hello, so im relatively new to php and and completely new to this site, and i need to know how to make dynamic pdo queries, for insert, update and select. So if theres anyone who can show me code examples or point me to direction/site/video that can teach me how to make dynamic queries using pdo. It would be greately appreciated, thanks.
P.S im using Procedural code style(yes i need to learn oop)

This may be of interest:

It’s also worth browsing down this forum - there are plenty of topics on here that include PDO queries which may answer your question. If they don’t, perhaps you could add more detail to cover what you want to know that isn’t dealt with.

Thanks, for the link, it was a good article, but not what i was looking for. And yesi have been looking at sitepoint and also other forums like SO for answers, but havent found anything. So to explain my problem better. I need to know how to make a dyanmic query, for insert, update and select. Ok
So for example if i need to update a user profile, i doesn´t matter if I need to update 10rows or 2rows in the database. The code will take care of it. Or if i need a select statement it doesnt matter if i need 2 where clauses. If you know how to make that kind of dynamic queries or know a site that explains it i would be grateful.
Hope you understand my question better, and thanks for the help.

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