PHP Function Code to Preload Images in WordPress?

I am trying to improve my page speed optimization skills and I would like some help from this community regarding preloading critical images on WordPress-based websites.

As I understand, editing the function.php file and adding a code snippet is the “easiest” way to achieve this (I don´t know if this is actually the case).

But, here I am, requesting feedback from this community´s expert on this field.

The Flying Press plugin has functionality with very interesting criteria to address this issue…

I would like to be able to replicate a similar result.

Bottom line is my goal is to learn how to properly preload critical images loading above the fold.

I know now how to apply this with the site´s logo but, when I am working on a blog site with hundreds or even thousands of blog posts with featured images and thumbnails displaying on category pages, doing this manually on a page by page bases makes it hard to implement.

Also, I don´t want to rely on paid/premium plugins for this as I am trying a more manual approach.

I am actually learning PHP so I can be in a better position to learn how to approach this.


Have you done a search for “preloading images” in Google? There are a few different ways to do this, some are more browser specific while a more generic solution is using javascript. Here are some results you can check out…

But there are many other results. :slight_smile:

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