PHP FTP Error - Access Denied

Hi Chaps,

I’m tyring to make a PHP / FTP Application, where users can view/download/upload files in a given FTP site.

I can connect to the FTP server, login using the credentials, but when I try to upload, or create a directory, I get:

Warning: ftp_mkdir() [function.ftp-mkdir]: www: Access is denied. in C:\webserver\Apache2\htdocs\ftp\ est.php on line 16

Line 16:

if (ftp_mkdir($conn_id, $dir)) {
 echo "successfully created $dir\
} else {
 echo "There was a problem while creating $dir\

As before, the credentials are correct, but I think there is a security issue somewhere what is blocking access.

If anyone has any ideas what this could be, please share the wealth!


If you log in to the FTP server with a regular FTP-client, can you make directories then?

Hi Immerse, I have just tested creating a new directory using CuteFTP Pro and I got an error:

Request denied.
Please verify that the file or folder exists and that you have the necessary permissions on the server to perform the requested operation.

Do you know what I should look for to get both FTP Client and my Web App to work correctly?

Looks like I had my FTP path wrong, it was trying to create a directory on the root, rather than in one of the accessible directories within the FTP site. Now sorted!

Cool :wink: