PHP folder in web directory - Search Engine Ranking


I understand that Search Engines do not read PHP. They just read the output (what is produced by the PHP).

I also understand that if I add HTML pages to folders within a web directory a Search Engine will rank the page in a lower position, because each subfolder entered by the search engine reduces page ranking.

What if the PHP coding is stored in a subfolder? The page produced will appear in the root directory but this page gets content using a subfolder. So I will not lose page ranking in this situation. Is this correct?


Yes. I think in this situation the search engine looks the URL not the folder which php files in.

That just isn’t true. As long as your content structure is sensible and consistent, search engines really don’t care what the structure is. What you may be getting confused with is the number of clicks needed to get from the home page to the content page - if you need more clicks to get to the content, search engines may rank it lower than one that is featured on the home page … but on the other hand, if you have a link to every one of the 1000 pages on your home page, that probably won’t help either. And the number of clicks doesn’t have to be related to the folder structure.

To be honest, the “how many clicks” is less important now than it was many years ago, when spiders got bored easily. These days, as sites have got bigger and bigger, it is not such a big deal if you have to click through a few pages to get to the real content (but it might well deter actual people from going through the site).