PHP file_get_contents

Hi all,

I’m using the above function to bring the output HTML of a webpage into a PHP Script so I can paste it into a HTML email. The reason for this is because the page is generated with some PHP content and I cannot input the PHP directly into the email so I need to generate the page first and then import the output HTML.

My problem is, because the two PHP scripts on the page are contained in <object> tags, it isn’t working. The output I’m getting is the <object> tag and not the output HTML of what is contained in the output.

I hope this is making sense.

What I have is this:

HTML Page, with 2 <object> tags each containing a PHP Script.

If I “View Source” on the page, I see the <object data=" "> tags… I don’t see the HTML for what is actually in these tags.

If I hover over the objects and “View Frame Source” then I see the output HTML for what is inside the tags.

I need the entire pages output HTML including this… is there any way around this?

You would have to file_get_contents the ‘inner’ HTML page as well.

I think you need to show some code as i found your description a bit confusing.

One thing you might want to look at is using output buffering to generate the html document, grab that from the buffer and then put it into an email.