Php error

i am getting error messages when i click on

As per URL it seems to be that either Khoren directory is missing or .htaccess file having incorrect rewrite rule for Khoren page.

Looks like your file paths are wrong to me.


Was there a question in that?

Okay, the others have given you the answer: You just don’t have a Khoren directory at your site and don’t even have a website (no DirectoryIndex at the DocumentRoot). Check with your host for the proper FTP upload address for your website and try again.



I think you have a problem with your site installation on your server. I try to access your domain and got the same error message

I moved the thread to server management since I don’t know if you use Apache. It does look that your server configuration is wrong. If it was simply a case of not recognising the main page, you would have a list of the files and subfolders there.