PHP error while trying to make RSS news ticker

I was trying to install this php script that I got. Here is a link to the zip file.
Also, here is a link to the readme.txt file

It, and the installation, is pretty simple and I did exactly as it said but I do not know why I am getting the error
Fatal error: Class ‘lastRSS’ not found in /homepages/9/d197248293/htdocs/ticker/rss.php on line 3

I did exactly as the readme.txt file says and it getting this fatal error-- It is uploaded to my server [URL=“”]here

I was wondering if a person experienced with PHP can help me install this script and get it working as others have helped me well in other forums’ categories at sitepoint.

Thanks in advance & Regards,
Irfan Mir.

well there is no lastRSS.php in the zip. In fact rss.php doesn’t even link to or try to link to a lastRSS.php it just tries to make an instance.
I did no editing to the files except create my own index.php that like the readMe says, and the fileList in the readMe says there is no rssLast.php in the package.

oh btw in the zip it has the index.php they wrote and when I upload and run that on my server it says there are no PHP error but please configure / install the script as said in readme.txt
But then I get this error?

So do u have any other tips

Thanks btw!

more that likely the path to lastRSS.php file is incorrect in rss.php.