PHP Documentation

Is this the best source for php infomation? is the official site for php, so I would say you couldn’t beat the documentation here. It is also up-to-date and very well organized, which makes it easy to look up functions and their uses and requirements.

But you need to have some background working with php if you want to make good use of it. I’m not so sure it would help someone who is looking how to build an application using php and doesn’t know how to plan it or put it together.


ok thanks

I use it a lot when working on php, it is very useful. But it is not always that easy to use if you are not a php guru, because of how the search works.
Say you are looking for a function that does XYZ, so you put in the search “XYZ” and find nothing. It’s like you need to already know the name of the function to find it in search. That is annoying, but still a very useful resource.


lol, that is very true. Searching for “this is what I want to do and I don’t know the terminology” doesn’t get very far.

One of the truths I learned in school is that I didn’t need to remember everything, I only needed to be able to remember how to find what I needed to find when I needed to find it.

I’ve developed the habit that when I want to learn something new the first thing I do is scan the documentation.
That’s scan, not studying things in depth or trying to remember everything. The idea is that things will be way back in my memory enough so that when I need something it will click “look here”.

One potential problem with the PHP documentation is that it is not always suitable for copy - paste coders.
The function examples are often abbreviated to show only enough to demonstrate the function’s use and not how in should fit into the bigger picture. eg. sadly, what should be done to improve security is often not shown.
But, if everything was shown, the documentation would become bloated and redundant, so it makes sense that it’s the way it is.

I’ve been writing PHP for many years and I still use the documentation almost on a daily basis as a reference.
eg. How many arguments does this function take, what order are they given and what datatypes are they, what is returned?

And I still learn new things as I need to know them. PHP has many, many classes and functions


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