PhP code for including post description

Hopefully I am asking this correctly. I would be ETERNALLY grateful if someone could answer this question.

I am using the latest version of wordpress (hopefully I am posting in the right area since it deals with editing php?) Anyways,

What is the php code to put an excerpt (maybe a limit of 200 chars) of your post description within a php page that is called? For example I am using a property management widget. When I add properties, they come up in a results page and in particular everything that makes up this page is within this 1 php file that I have modified from its original version style-wise. I am familiar enough with code to where I can follow pretty good.

See, when you click the property details button, I go to a page displaying all of the details for that listing.

So in looking at the property.php (for example) I see where the description code is (where someone is talking about how great it is etc). When I try to put that same code on my other page (that it wasn’t originally included on) the page hangs and understandably so because I am missing something.

My goal is for the excerpt to show up for each property automatically once I put it in to a new post.

I am using wp-property and I know that I probably will not get an answer on their forums so I thought I would also try here. I have spent so much time editing some of the plugins php pages but I am not knowledgeable of the language.

Thank you! (: