PHP cloneNode Problem -- After Upgraded

Migrated a site from an older server to a newer one, and now cloneNode which is used inside phpQuery lib stopped working.

For some reason it’s naming and prepending “default:” to all the HTML tags.

IE: < default: tr > and < / default tr >

(Without spaces of course).

This of course doesn’t work properly, and none of my drop downs or text boxes are created.

Help please :slight_smile:

FWIW - If I do deep = false it clones the HTML tags just fine, just obviously not the other items within that I need too.

Looks like there are more problems in the phpQuery lib as I did a ghetto str_replace and while it displays properly now it isn’t filling in the data from the DB or saving properly.
It’s not assigning the proper # to each of the text area and drop downs.