PHP - Changing a link in the main navigation bar daily


How does google rank a page that keeps changing its name in the main navigation bar at the top of every page?

I am updating with news every day. And the page name is the headline.

Old news will still be listed via an archive.

Is it good practice to have a link in the main navigation bar that keeps changing? Or should I name it news.htm and let google see that instead?

Do you mean the page title <title>My Page title</title> or the actual page filename news.htm ?
Changing the actual filename will confuse the index, as it will be seen as a new page and need to be re-indexed every time it changes. All the old filenames will create a load of 404s. A bad idea IMO.
So yes, just call it ‘news’ or whatever and keep it updated.

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Ok - news.htm.

How about changing content on the page?

I suppose Google likes pages that change content for news?

Of course, a news page is expected to be updated.

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