PHP Application Installer?

PHP Application Installer?

I know a while back I found some software that helps create installers for your customer php applications, but now I can’t find it anymore. I tried searching Sitepoint, but didn’t turn up anything. Anyone know of a good one? Thanks.

What are other advantages of tar.gz on .zip than its size?
winrar only extracts .tar.gz. Is there any free application to generate .tar.gz?

This is ionCubed php script and I am thinking to make an installer for it with ionCube Package Foundry. Does it make sense to create .exe installer? Would users appreciate it or better to keep the package as .zip?

Few questions again -

Are you thinking to safeguard your PHP Scripts?

Or is your app too big - and should be running on the server that did not have server software (like php/apache/mysql) installed earlier? - for example, vtiger and some other aps come in a big pack, thinking that you did not have any server software installed earlier on your target.

Or, are you making a configuration management for your scripts? - you can code and make your own installer, like joomla, wordpress.

Did you mean to run php scripts as desktop application?

All off them could be called installers.

Finally, your choice, buildexec looks cool to use. But some of the page yet do not work - to see the screen shots.

I see website is not accurate. Their demo link is dead and in FAQ they mention they only offer one-time license and in purchase page, they mention they have two license types! Is this website still alive?

anyone? I know I’ve seen one. Just can’t remember where.

You could always try ionCube Package Foundry:

yes, I believe this is the one I saw a long time ago.

And it’s pretty good as well :slight_smile: You might also want to take a look at Buildexec (, which will build PHP based installers to be run online by users.

Hey! is even cooler. This is exactly what I was looking for. The other installer is windows/linux based, but builexec looks like it can be uploaded to the server and installed from any browser. I’m on a mac, so this is good news.

I would say, a zip (beter, .tar.gz) would be nice. Most of the servers have the environment ready - where a customer just extracts them and configures your app.

So, better, if you put your own installer within the app, if possible - which will write the config files for the users - simple installer. Most of the large applications come as archives onlys, like zip files.

People definitely love to see a readme.txt or install.txt file in the root of your pack.